9-10, 2016

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Past Attendee Testimonials


Finovate felt like stepping into the future of finance with genuinely innovative companies challenging conventional wisdom.

- Aman Narain

Standard Chartered Bank

Finovate is the premier financial technology conference for a reason. You’ll see the best examples of leading innovators from around the globe, every single time. Finovate delivers.

- Bradley Leimer

Lead of Digital Channel Strategy, Mechanics Bank

I’m totally Finovate addicted. It’s amazing. I come all the way from Italy, and this is my fourth Finovate.

- Angelo D’Alessandro

Strategic Management & Innovation, UniCredit, Italy


For online personal finance nerds — like your humble correspondent – Finovate is the Super Bowl and World’s Fair rolled into one.

- Mary Pilon

WSJ The Wallet


We developed more new business opportunities at Finovate than we did the entire quarter preceding the show.

- Jeff Mullen

CEO of Dynamics

The best thing about Finovate is that strategy people, from verticals you might not have considered before, walk up to you and hand you a whole new potential revenue stream.

- Raj Udeshi

Co-Founder of Hidden Levers

Demoing at Finovate had an incredible impact for us. It was an amazing platform for launching our latest innovation and helped us get attention from serious financial services investors.

- Casper Wong

COO of CommunityLend

Within 6 weeks of demoing at our first Finovate, we were closing deals from leads that we received from it.

- Scott Pitts

CEO of oFlows

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Registration + Continental Breakfast

Demo Session #1

Intermission + Refreshments

Demo Session #2

Lunch + Refreshments

Demo Session #3

Intermission + Refreshments

Demo Session #4

High Quality Networking + Open Bar and Appetizers

Registration + Continental Breakfast

Demo Session #5

Intermission + Refreshments

Demo Session #6

Buffet Lunch + Refreshments

Demo Session #7

High Quality Networking + Open Bar and Appetizers

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FinovateEurope was held at Old Billingsgate Market Hall situated on the Thames in London’s bustling financial district.



1 Old Billingsgate Walk 16 Lower Thames Street London, EC3R 6DX


1 Old Billingsgate Walk 16 Lower Thames Street London, EC3R 6DX

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Q. Who should attend FinovateEurope?

A. Anyone with an interest or stake in the future of European banking and finance technology should come to FinovateEurope. This includes anyone who is responsible for developing or marketing new products, anyone who needs to keep up to date on the latest innovations in the industry, and anyone who can benefit from the opportunity to view in-depth demos from cutting-edge startups and leading established companies.

Q. What topics do Finovate demos traditionally cover?

A. Presenters at Finovate events run the gamut of financial technology. Some areas that have been covered at past Finovate events are: debit rewards, alternative payments, person-to-person (P2P) lending, new marketing tools, security solutions, big data, mobile apps, social investing, personal financial management, youth banking, credit, and next-generation online banking platforms.

Q. What should I wear to FinovateEurope?

A. There is no dress code for Finovate events, but London is a very formal city, and you can expect the majority of the audience to be wearing suits and ties, or similar business attire. If you are not sure what to wear, we’d recommend erring on the side of formality.

What is the application and selection process for Finovate events?

A. Good question! Finovate events are open to startups, established companies, and financial institutions with new fintech innovations, so the bar to get on stage is very high. Each company interested in demoing their new fintech at one of our events must submit a written application. We may also set up a quick screening phone call to make sure that we have a good understanding of the application and how the demo might look.

When selecting companies, we look at several criteria: novelty (newness of the fintech), innovativeness (originality of the approach), potential (degree of impact in the fintech industry), wow/X/cool factor, and diversity (comparison to the number of companies in the same “space” competing for a spot).

For each event, we receive far more applications than we have demo spots to fill. Given this competitiveness, one of the major keys to getting a spot is to have something new, innovative, and substantial to debut live on stage.

If you’re interested in demoing at one of our events, please send an email to the appropriate email address:,, or